Quality and Environment Policy

Josep's mobiliari, as a leading, modern and innovative Catalan company manufacturing furniture and accessories, defines its Quality and Environment Policy:

  1. Clearly understand the explicit and implicit demands, requirements and expectations of our customers.
  2. Develop our organisation in a coherent manner in order to respond appropriately to the current and future situation of the market.
  3. Disseminate the established quality and environmental objectives and criteria throughout all llevels of our organisation.
  4. Comply with quality and environmental legislation and regulations and with any other requirement determined by Josep's mobiliari.
  5. Keep track of system indicators and level of progress, in order to better know and guarantee the level of service and quality required by our customers.
  6. Commit to processes which reduce environmental impact and assess in advance the environmental impact of our activities or services in order to preserve and protect the environment.
  7. Minimise polluting emissions and waste production in order to preserve resources, as well as to prevent accidental emissions of substances or energy.
  8. Communicate our quality and environment policy to all stakeholders.
  9. Develop continuous training programmes adapted to the needs of our internal and external customers, as well as information about the environmental aspects of business activities.
  10. Instigate new internal initiatives to protect the environment, commit to renewable energies and zero-emissions internal vehicles.
  11. Promote the consumption of environmentally friendly materials and promote FSC in manufacturing. Chain of Custody commitment for the FSC.
  12. Consolidate the process of continuing improvement in the carrying out all of the activities undertaken in our company.
  13. Encourage and achieve a stimulating and motivating environment for all members of the company and promote a sense of responsibility in relation to quality and the environment.
  14. Safety is the main tool for a job well done.

Hostalric, January 2020


Hostalric, January 2020

Code of ethics

The energy that has fuelled the growth of JOSEP'S MOBILIARI since 1983 is made up of the desire to innovate with regard to machinery, always do the best job possible, trust in the competence of staff and suppliers, and, above all, to prioritise the needs of the customer and the protection of the environment.

In order to go one step further in our commitment to continuous improvement, we provide you with the following code of ethics as a guide for the professional behaviour of all Josep's mobiliari workers.

In addition, a suggestions and comments box has been made available to all staff, in order to communicate any improvement or complaint about inappropriate behaviour as per the guidelines of this code of ethics to the Quality and Environment department.


Commitment to human and labour rights

Commitment to Health and Safety at Work

Commitment to the environment

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to professionalism

This Code of Ethics is approved by the Management of Josep's mobiliari and is distributed in hard copy to every member of the company. In addition, copies are placed in the information panels located in warehouses 3 and 4, and it is published for viewing by any interested party on the website www.joseps.com

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