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Quality and Environment policy

JOSEP’S MOBILIARI defines its Quality and Environment policy as:

1. A clear acknowledgement of all needs, requirements as well as all of our customers explicit and implicit expectations.

2. Be able to develop our organisation in a coherent way, in order to give a correct answer according to present and future market situation.

3. To spread through the entire organisation levels all the established quality and environment objectives and values.

4. To follow quality and environment legislation and regulations, as well as any other condition ordered by JOSEP’S MOBILIARI.

5. To introduce system indicators and follow-up their progress level, in order to understand and ensure services and quality guarantee required by our clients.

6. To design processes which reduce the environmental impact in their activity and to assess in advance all new activities or services environmental impacts.

7. To cut polluted emissions and wasted production to the minimum to keep all resources, and prevent accidental substances and energy emissions.

8. To transmit our quality and environment policy to all our suppliers.

9. To develop continue trainee programmes according to our customer net requires, as well as environment information aspects related to the transport issues.

10. To consolidate an interactive character of the entire organisation.

11. To strength a continued improvement process in the elaboration of all activities made in our company.

12. To promote and achieve the stimulating and motivating environment of the whole company members and a sense of responsibility related to quality and Environment.

13. Safety is the main tool to get a good job.

Hostalric, January 2018


Ethical code

The energy that has been the driving force behind the growth of JOSEP’S MOBILIARI since 1983 has been the desire to innovate in machinery, to always do the best, to have confidence in the competence of its staff and its suppliers and, above all, to make its clients’ demands and the protection of the environment a priority.

To show our commitment to continuous improvement, we are sending out the following ethical code as guidance for the professional behaviour of all the workers at JOSEP’S MOBILIARI.

A letterbox for suggestions and comments has also been made available to all the staff so that any improvement or complaint about unsuitable behaviour according to these guidelines in the ethical code can reach our Department of Quality and Environment.


Commitment to Human and Labour Rights

  • Employment shall be freely chosen

    There shall be no forced or involuntary work. Everyone is in their work position of their own free will. Workers shall not have to leave “deposits” or their ID documentation under the custody of JOSEP’S MOBILIARI.

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining shall be respected

    Without any kind of distinction, workers will have the right to join or constitute the unions of their choice, as well as to bargain collectively. The workers’ representatives shall not be discriminated against and may carry out their functions of representation in the workplace. In cases in which the law restricts the right to freedom of association or to collective-bargaining, JOSEP’S MOBILIARI shall facilitate and shall not place any obstacles against the development of parallel means to associate and negotiate freely and independently.

  • There shall be no discrimination

    There shall be no discrimination when contracting, compensating, training, promoting, firing or at retirement time for reasons of race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or union or political membership.

  • No inhuman or severe treatment shall be permitted

    Abuse or physical punishment, the threat of physical abuse or sexual harassment or of any other kind is forbidden, as well as verbal abuse or any other forms of intimidation.

  • A regular job shall be provided

    In all aspects, the work carried out must be based on recognised labour relations established through national legislation and practices. Obligations towards employees in keeping with legislation and labour regulations or the Social Security system, derived from conventional labour relations, shall be respected through not using work contracts, subcontracts or domestic work contracts, nor programmes of practical work experience in which there is no intention of providing the worker with skills or providing them with regular employment, and these obligations may not be avoided through the excessive use of contracts of a limited duration.

Commitment to health and safety at work

  • The work conditions shall be safe and hygienic

    JOSEP’S MOBILIARI provides a safe, hygienic work environment, taking into account the preponderant knowledge of the industry, as well as any specific danger. The necessary measures shall be taken to avoid accidents and things that prejudice health derived from work, associated to it or that may occur during it. The workers shall receive regular, written training in matters of health and safety, which shall be repeated for new or reassigned workers. Workers shall be provided with clean conditions and drinking water and, if necessary, healthy facilities for storing food.

  • No child labour shall be used

    Child labour shall not be used. Nobody under the age of 18 shall be used for any kind of work.

  • A living wage shall be paid

    The salaries and payment made for a standard week of work must, at the very least, meet the legal national regulation or the reference industrial regulation, whichever sets higher salaries and payments. In any case, the salaries must always be sufficient to cover basic needs and provide some discretionary income. All workers shall be provided with written, understandable information about their work conditions with respect to their salaries before acceptance. Deductions from the salary as a disciplinary measure are not permitted nor shall any deduction not envisaged by national legislation be practised without the express consent of the worker in question. All disciplinary measures must be registered.

  • Working hours shall not be excessive

    Working hours must adapt to national legislation, collective agreements and international legislation so as to offer greater protection to the workers. Working hours, excluding overtime, shall be defined in the contract and shall not exceed 40 hours a week. Overtime shall be voluntary and shall be done in a responsible way, taking the following aspects into account: the scope, frequency and hours worked by each worker individually and the staff as a whole.

Commitment to the environment

  • Sustainability

    Development of the activity with respect for the environment, complying with the standards established in the regulations on this matter. Commitment to sustainable development, and the setting up of a policy that enables the environmental effects that each of the processes generates to be identified with the aim of minimising the environmental impact.

  • Minimising waste

    The effort to design processes that reduce the environmental impact on their activity and to evaluate in advance the environmental impact of new activities and services to preserve and protect the environment. To reduce contaminating emissions and the production of waste to a minimum to preserve the resources, as well as to prevent accidental emissions of substances or energy.

Commitment to CSR

  • Social and economic development

    JOSEP’S MOBILIARI states its commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility, promoting and contributing in an active and voluntary way to the social and economic development of the Selva, Pla de l’Estany, Vallès Oriental and Maresme regions.

  • Reconciling family and professional life

    The balance between work obligations and personal and family life is obtained through a policy of human resources that generates measures that make commitment to the company compatible with the time necessary to develop a personal life project.

Commitment to professionalism

  • Professionalism at work

    Employees at JOSEP’S MOBILIARI shall act when carrying out the competencies which are attributed to them as a result of their positions by putting into practice criteria that lead to greater efficacy at the lowest cost possible, always following the guidelines which, depending on their respective technical training, are relevant in each case.

  • Confidentiality of information

    All employees at JOSEP’S MOBILIARI are obliged to protect confidential or reserved information to which they are privy due to their position —whether technical, financial, commercial or of any other nature— and shall not use it outside the scope of their work relation, or reveal it to third parties without the previous written consent of the company. Any employees who, because of their high responsibilities, have access to particularly sensitive information may be requested by the company to sign specific confidentiality commitments as an appendix to their main work contract.

This Ethical Code is approved by the Management of JOSEP’S MOBILIARI and is disseminated on paper to the company's entire human team. Copies shall also be placed on informative noticeboards in premises nos. 3 and 4 and are published for any interested party on the website